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You know, the Bioshock Infinite Season pack that came out at launch just piss me off.

I mean, I would not have mind it so much if it came out a couple of months after launch and been something like “DLC Bundles” that includes all of the DLC up til then for cheaper, but since it came out at launch that pretty much means that the chances are good that something got cut from the full game in order to make it into a DLC, or that they had ideas for making stuff, but nope, made it DLC or “planned content”  instead to milk the fucking game and get more money from you.

Fuck it, let’s make this into a general rant about the bull shit that is Season Passes.

Season Passes just show that any devs and publishers that does this are just fine with milking their games for your money and this in turn affects the game, since it has to make way for this DLC, Like say Deus Ex Human Revolutions Missing Link DLC.

As for Season passes I’ve bought in the past there is only 2: Saints Row The Thirds and  Borderlands 2s.

Saints Row the Thirds was overall quite horrible, it included cosmetic stuff that could have been in the game as a reward.

The first DLC Genkibowl VII was just missions with no real story and over all it was fucking awful and could have easily been in the game from the start.

Gansters In Space was the best out of the 3, but was at most pretty meh.

The Trouble With Clones was such an disappointment and pretty bad.

And let me not forget the cancelled DLC Enter The Dominatrix that gets turned into the quick cashgrab looking Saints Row 4.

So 1 good dlc out of 3, what a deal people.

As for the Borderlands one, sure I got a DLC character (that I never use) for free, and the Pirate DLC was p decent, but short as hell, but I have no use these DLCs if I don’t play the game now do I?

Now don’t think I hate all DLCs, they can be done right, just look at some of the DLC Bethesda makes to their games, but my point is that the industry are fucking abusing them and in turn makes us pay more and more for less and less.

So in short, Season Passes are a horrible idea, and I strongly urge that you don’t buy the Bioshock infinite season pass or any season pass really, the gaming industry would be better without them.

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