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Guess what boys and girls? It’s that time of the year.

Yes, it’s time for a new Humble Indie Bundle!

For those who don’t know what this humble bundle is, it’s a bundle of usually 3 to 5 indie games that all get sold a price you decied! And you can choose to give this money to either the devs, charity or both, so over all it’s a deal that is good for everyone.

This Bundle has 5 games, Sadly I’ve only played 2 of them. These includes the awesome “Bastion”, that also happens to be my indie game of 2010, so yeah, it fucking good.

The other one is Psychonauts, and if you know who Tim Schafer is then you know about this game.

Psychonauts may have some platforming that isn’t all that great, but overall it’s a game filled with personality, charm and originality, it’s highly recommended!

According to my friend Limbo is a great indie platformer, and Amnesia, if you like horror games, get it, if you don’t, stay away.

Anyway, get your bundle here: Have fun!

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